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Leanne McCarthy

founder, owner of Stillness in Expansion

I am Leanne, a master intuit, Akashic Records reader and teacher, Soul Purpose Coach, and the mom of two young kids. My spiritual journey started decades ago and charged to the forefront shortly after becoming a mother for the second time. I was overwhelmed, completely unable to recognize who I was becoming, and felt hollow, as though all of my dreams and purpose had been shelved and tagged as “negligible…for the time being.” I knew I needed to put myself back into my life, and I didn’t know what that meant or how to do it. I started reaching out for help (which is NOT something I had practiced often up to that point). The first person I asked was someone who was living a life I was VERY interested in. That coffee date was “intentional-step-one” on the path toward knowing my heart’s manual. With each new coach and mentor, I was able to harvest new seeds of expansion and new dimensions of awareness. It took intentional tuning in and turning on. I have degrees in frames and certificates galore, but the thing that has given me the most reward and the highest energetic paycheque is knowing my purpose and how to communicate with my own soul. Everything else falls beautifully into place after that.


My Purpose


 I see the beauty in all people, and I especially love the powerful essence and bold strength that women possess. Women are the influencers, the protectors, the problem-solvers, and the caretakers who so frequently forget to love themselves, make themselves a priority, and remember their own worth. My purpose is helping my beautiful sisters remember who they really are and help them love themselves wholly again so they can live in harmony and inner peace, leading others with their heart-centred conviction.

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