Houston, we are making some adjustments

Uncategorized Dec 18, 2020

I woke up with Whitney Houston in my head. Out of nowhere. Of course, there was a message in it.

"I believe the children are the future.

Teach them well, and

let them lead the way..."

Let them lead the way.

This message has been showing up a lot for me lately: in Akashic Records readings, in meditation, through experiences with other people.

I'm listening.

I have often asked myself, "How can I lead our kids better? How can I give them what they need to be successful, self-expressed individuals? How can I teach them self-love, freedom, and worthiness?"

In my coaching and readings for clients, as well as in conversation with other moms, I often get asked, "How do I clear my traumas and my ancestral wounds, patterns, and afflictions to give my kids a better chance at freedom, so they, too, don't suffer."

I hear my mentors talking about this, too. And I want to share the message I am getting over and over because it is really important for us to hear it. And whether this is the first time you are receiving it or you are well into the conversation, it is perfect. And we must consider this information so we can deal with our egos, integrate it, and then serve our children in the best way for them.

That's what we all want, right!?

The generations that are incarnating to this planet right now are more highly evolved than we were when we arrived and than the generations were before us. They are arriving with more evolved genetic programming and a higher energetic resonance.

What does this mean?

It means we need to see and hear the children more than ever before.

It means that we need to look to the children for guidance in this present moment: We need to look to our children who we tuck in each night and scrape out of bed in the morning, who ask for dessert before supper has started, who tug at our clothes for hugs and healing. We, the adults, need to look more closely and intentionally for the guidance that they are inherently equipped to give us. We need to pay attention, to accept our children as co-creators in our future.

We need to accept a more inter-generational approach to the design of where we are headed. It is them who will save us, not the other way around.

We need to drop the limiting belief that a few decades of Earthly experience that we have before them supersedes their wisdom. Their genetic programming is actually superior to most of ours, and that phenomenon is a remarkable privilege to witness. And we need to honour it. We need to honour them. 

We need to let them be the wise ones.

It's time for us to start asking their perspective on meaningful, future-shaping topics. And it's time for us to really see and hear them, and then follow up with respectful actions that show that we are seeing and hearing them.

In order to create an opportunity for a prosperous future on this planet for future generations to thrive, consider re-contextualizing how you see your children...and all the children.

Try to understand them before medicating or over-structuring them. Try to understand that they see things differently, and possibly more clearly than we do. They will help us raise our vibration, but we have to recognize this and let them.

Yes, we still need to show them how to make pancakes and brush their teeth properly. We still need to hold them when they come home from school after being teased by their peers. But let them be equal contributors at the table. Let them share their evolved wisdom with your beautiful, open heart.

Ask them questions that we all need answers to. And then let their answers be our answers.

  • What is important to you?
  • What is important for you to experience in your future?
  • How do you want people to be with each other? How do you want to be with other people? What do we need to do to create that?
  • What do you need from adults right now?
  • What are adults getting wrong right now?
  • What can we focus on to improve the situation of the world right now?
  • What do you need right now? From me and from your community?

Ground yourself, and then help them feel grounded and safe to share their wisdom, their perspective, their generous connection.

They will lead us to wholeness. They will lead us to the world that we desire. They will show us what we need to do to co-create their effervescent, magnificent, beautifully self-expressed future.

And that's what we want, right! For all generations and the human collective, alike.

Let them lead the way!

Immense love to all of you!


Listen to the song in my head: The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston.





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