Frozen in Productivity

Uncategorized Nov 16, 2020

Sometimes I feel paralyzed in my work.

Despite two dozen or more sticky notes with ideas and checkboxes hibernating on my desk and climbing up the wall surrounding my workspace, despite the pages filled with possibilities, spilling into margins and wrapping themselves up the side of the page desperately recorded before they dripped out of my consciousness, despite this, sometimes I feel I don't know what to do next.

Life changes so quickly. Ideas evolve so quickly. I have been evolving so quickly.

I have been learning myself at an accelerated rate, lately.

An idea that was an exciting fit a month ago feels misguided or even immature compared to the idea that nudged me yesterday. Even though they are remarkably similar, they are different in essence, perspective, or focus.

Do I roll with yesterday's idea? Or do I wait for the new one coming tomorrow?

If there is one thing I am cemented in, it is knowing that a new idea will always come to me. That is how it works with me.

I am a Creator.

Without fully knowing why or for what, I feel like I am waiting right now: like I am in the dimly lit yet comfortable lounging area of a mansion of wisdom, sipping a rich Highlander Grog, tick-tocking toward a profoundly rewarding opportunity with the perfect partners, calm with the deep knowing that I will get the job and that it will completely rock my world. Comfortable confusion. A disturbance that, with the right amount of trust and patience, will be a great reward.

Have you ever felt like that?

As I wait, I continue writing on sticky notes, creating boxes to check off, filling journal pages, and coming up with incredible possibility.

All the while, froze in this curious state of waiting.

Inspired magic is on the way.


So much love to you all!!



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