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Soul Evolution & Mindfulness Coaching

Our soul's main purpose is to evolve. But how does this happen?

Our soul evolves when we allow it to do three things:

  1. Self-express;
  2. Connect with others; and
  3. Serve others.

The fulfillment of this is revealed when we honour our passions and align them with our other soul purposes. 


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Why is it important to know our passions and soul purposes?

If we do not know our purpose, we are not living fully connected to Who We Really Are and what makes our light shine. 

When we are disconnected from ourselves--from knowing ourselves deeply and intimately--we struggle, feel scared, uncertain, doubtful, worry, and lack confidence. 

The first thing to do upon realizing this is to breathe. It’s okay. You are okay. Give yourself grace. Not knowing your purpose or Who You Really Are is simply a point in your life. You have a purpose, and you can learn it.

Once you discover your purpose, life will flow more easily; you can relax into a feeling of deep fulfillment, enjoy newfound motivation, and know you are creating the impact you were chosen to create. What follows is gratitude, inner peace, and ease.

And you deserve those things.

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Soul Evolution/Mindfulness Coaching Session

Gain insight into your passions and soul's purpose

one 60 -90 minute one-on-one session

$150 CDN

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Soul Evolution/Mindfulness Coaching Package 

Dive deeper into your passions and soul's purpose and how to fulfill them

four 60 - 90 minute sessions 

$550 CDN

purchase & schedule
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Connect with Your Higher Self

Our Higher Self is such a powerful source of perspective and deeply loving support. When we connect with our Higher Self, we can get clarity on challenging aspects of our lives. We recognize that we are never truly alone.

45 minute session 

$90 CDN



You're ready for something more. You want regular guidance and a sounding board for your spiritual growth. Awakening can be lonely and confusing at times. You are focused and want to make significant change in your life. There's no going back. One-on-one mentorship might be right for you.

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Mentorship is arranged by application. Please fill out this form to connect for a conversation to see if it is a good fit for us to work together in this intimate and transformational capacity.

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